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TranceEurope`s Recipy Pages

TranceEurope`s Recipy Pages


25 Min Chicken Curry


Serves 2 -3

1. 2 -3 Chicken Breasts
2. Onions
3. Mixed peppers
4. 2 cups Of Water, Stock Or Coconut Milk
5. Extra virgin olive oil
6. Corn flour
7. Salt
8. pepper
9.6tsp Of ASDA Mild Curry powder
10. Sugar
11. Pepper


Medium To Low heat

Cook the onions with the extra virgin olive oil in a medium size pan add the sugar and salt and pepper half way threw raise the heat to get the sweet ness of the onions to release. If the go a light brown or have charred bits that is all good for flavor just don't burn them. now add the mix peppers to the pan in this case i have used frozen but fresh is best. If fresh add straight in when you add the onions. now add 3 tsp of ASDA curry cook so all ingredients go to a slightly dry paste now add 1 cup of water, Stock of coconut milk. Your looking for a nice wet mix and a little thin on the sauce now mix 2 tps of corn flour with 2-3 tsp of cold water in a cup until combined then add to the curry pot mix stir well it will get thick now add the other cup of stock, water or Coconut milk a little at a time till it is the thickness you would like it.