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TranceEurope`s Recipy Pages

TranceEurope`s Recipy Pages

oven try surprise


1. 1 yellow pepper
2. 1 red pepper
3. 1 green pepper
4. 3-4 Med onions
5. 3 tsp Garlic
6. 3 tsp Ginger
7. Salt / Pepper
8. Tinned tomatoes (optional)
9. Tomato puree (optional)
10. Oxo cubes
11. 1-2 tbs sugar
12. Chicken or beef sliced
13. Extra vigin olive oil
14. 2 tsp Chinese 5 spice
15. 1 tsp Garamasala
16. 1 tsp Cajun
17. Dark Soy sauce


chop everything up throw it in a roasting tray sprinkle the oil, sugar, sauces, spices, oxo and seasoning. Bake it all for 1 hour on 150c, Take it out stir it around then cook for another 1 hour your done. I like to stir it again and cook it another hour cause i like my veg and meat well don and all melted together but the choice is yours if you like it eldenty.