About TranceEurope

Gender:- Male.
Age:- 08/12/1974
Height:- 5.9.
Hair Colour:- Ginger.
Eye colour:- blue.
Ethnic Group:- white.
Tattoos:- None.
Birthmarks:- yes, In a secret place...
Origin:- Scottish.
Religion:- Christian.
Language:- English.
piercings:- yes, 4.
Glasses:- yes.
Hats:- yes, lots of hats its my thing. Use to be waste coats in the 80`s & 90s.

0. How did your music career start?:-
It all started way back when I was young I never really was one of the good musical guys in school. My music teacher Mrs Jamieson had just about had enough of my antics. See what I was doing was not reading the music it just looked like dots to me at this stage in my life and was just fingering any hole on the recorder. That night I went home after had having a gutting out from the teacher. I started to wonder what was the big thing everyone in the class was seeing that I was not so I took myself into a learning spree just to see if I could make this recorder thing sing. With in one song I was hooked On music and what would change my life forever. Not only was I hooked on music but after playing in the class the next day and not dropping a note or a key the ovation from the pupils and teacher had me in ore I need more of this Feeling and I would find many venture after this one in my life to press upon this same feeling.

1. What got you into music?:-
Aside from my teacher Mrs Jamieson, Another good friend that got me started was the one how sold me my first decks and disco set-up. Geordie Mulligan another name from my child hood that would echo in my life many times till late adult hood.

2. Where do you see music going in the future?:-
The catalyst for music was not set in stone nor written in a book and made to stand by its beliefs so there is no scop of what has been and what might be. The future holds a vast array of new techs and new sounds waiting for us to find and use in a way never been done or thought of. So music can go in any direction where do I see it going well the old electro style is now the new dance so may be trance will go the same way and become mainstream popular music like the dance did. What goes around comes around. I personalty cant wait to here all the new remixes of 90` and 2000 tunes or what they do with our tunes in the future.

3. Do you think The Music Scene is Running Better Or Worse since the 80`s?:-
I think From an inside point of view you still have that race and have to watch your back and your money a lot. But with the innovation of itunes and the web things are more geared toward the artist staying in control. So I think it has got better in many ways. Networking Social media music creation has given us the ability to work on tracks from all over the would with artists who we would never have met or worked with before.

4. Do you watch The Top40 Shows On TV Or Listen on Radio?:-
Yes in both cases I like to do a Friday show and often add a lot of top40 songs mixed of course and with a lot more bass and speed. With out the top40 shows on sky and on-digital where would we be lol.

5. what s you favourite mix?:-
My own personal fav is a black Eyed Peas remix I did last year. It still gets lots of air time and I still use it in my dance mix specials.

6.What has the greatest impact on your music?:-
I think I would have to say Bass and speed I use A speed of 145bpm I like to stick round and I love good bass and Electro 808 or 303 roll over lines

7. what s your favourite beat?:-
I know some folks gonna know what this means and some not so much but here goes I love the duff beat. Ok its not duff beer from the simsons but what the beat sounds like when you here it played. I.e :- Duff, Duff, Duff ,Duff Duff, Duff, Duff ,Duff in a four bar beat seg way

8. what s your average mix length?:-
my average I think Is about 3 hours maybe 4 hours. But shows I can do up to 12 hours at a time if am zoned in.

9. Where would you buy music? online or Record shops?:-
record stores, online, friends, Radio Promos & White Lables

10. How do you rate itunes?:-
Am not A great lover of itunes I think its all to locked up to there software downloads and agreements know one ever reads

11. what sort of mixers do you use for spinning sets?:-
I have 3 I use an American DJ XDM 343, A Made Two Fade GNX2 and A Hercules midi controller

12. How do you rate DJ Software And What Have you tried?:-
I have tried every single one out there I rate some more than others but its a good thing to go the electronic digital route with decks and cdjs you have more song choice quicker access.

13. what do you use to mix your tracks up? mac or pc:-?
At the moment I am using PC as I don t have enough space to set my mac up plu never really done the cross over yet . I don t know how that ones going to go.

14. what software do you use to edit tracks?:-
Pro Tools, Cool Edit, Cubase5, Mix Mister Pro

15. What Software do you use in the studio to make tracks?:-
Same stuff really Pro Tools, Cool Edit, Cubase5, Mix Mister Pro sometimes I ll pull an outside source on social media networking music flash programs out of the country.

16. Where do your ideas come from for tracks and music?:-
The best ideas come to me in my sleep, I don t know how it happens but I dream beats and bass lines it just sort of happens and all I have to do is remember them and get them on script to work with and tweak about. Other ideas can hit during the day I might hear something or someone say something and it will spark of an idea and a daydream and my brain seems to just process on that music level.

17. How often do you mix and practice?:-
I used to do 4 hours a day but things don t always go to plan and that s getting cut short and some days I just seem to miss it out know. But I would do 4 hours a day if it was possible

18. How many radio stations have you worked with and what are the names?:-
10 big ones and a few small. Hospital radio, Gemini Sounds Radio, Digital Sounds Barnsley, Titanic FM. Titan FM, Bobs Radio, Energetic FM, Good Times Radio, OHBC radio. Cdrtalk Digital Radio That s the main ones I can remember

19. What styles of music do you like?:-
Dance, Electro Bass, Trance, Break beat, Hard-style, Hardcore & Techno

20. what would be your favourite time period to live in if you could have a choice from 40`s to 90`s?:-
I think Now or the 90`s cause we have the technology we need to do what we do for the better

21. If you had one secret wish what would it be?:-
To Live in the country away from the hustle and bustle of life

22. If you could Change anything in the music scene industry what would it be and why?:-
laws is what I would change make music free. Well not free buy just enough that the artist needs screw the fat cats. They ride on the tail coats of good artists sucking like vampires at there talent

23. If you where trapped on a desert island and could take one thing there with you what would you take?:-
A boat (Laughing out loud) No Seriously I would take a wind up Music Player like the clock work radios.

24. what s your favourite music video?
Alexia keys Now we are In Newyork

25. Do you have a favourite music TV station if so what one do you prefer?:-
Clubland tv & Dance Nation

26. Do you use social Media For Music Promo? If so what ones?:-
yes, twitter, myspace , facebook

27. What do you think Of The New cloud Revolution?:-
It all seemed really cool at first and I was on the band wagon till I found out Microsoft let agencies and other organisations have free access so your privacy laws are violated but its in the agreement so they say

28. Do you use multi network mixing social media programs to make tracks with artists in other countries?:-
yes I use a few of them and there is new ones coming out all the time to many to name here

29. How many tracks have you made or contributed to over the last year?
about 30 off hand 24 of my own and 6 I have contributed too

30. what s your favourite musical instrument?
Acoustic guitar I wish for the life of me I could play it but I have not been taught nor do I have the time to self teach of the web

31 what s your favourite headphones and why do you use them?
My favourite are wireless cause of the no cables thing but you get lechers so it would be my other ones I love my skull candy head phones cause of the sound quality and the comfort

32. What s you favourite colour?:-
Blue and White have been my favourite colour as far back as I can Remember since I was A young boy It was only fitting that My Team Would Be Kilmarnock FC.

33. What s you favourite band?:-
Black Eyed Peas

34. What s you favourite food?:-
Chicken, Beef Or Pork Satay, Every time I travel I always try the Satay where I am, Am looking for the best satay of the world. And I will find it.

35. What s you favourite male singer?:-
The Voice Russell Wilson

36. What s you favourite female singer?:-
Alexia keys

37. What s you favourite drink?:-
Milk, if alcohol is to be used then southern Comfort and cola

38. What s you favourite game?:-
It would have to be one I would always play every year without question and never loose the heart to play it. Christmas nights on the saga Saturn. An old classic console and game but nothing makes your Christmas start to feel seasonal more than this game

39. What s you favourite film?:-
quantum leap. I loved the complexity of mixing timeliness and linear time with quantum mechanics and bilinear time and the whole construct of the quantum leap theory

40. What s you favourite dance?:-
las ketchup song dance it rocks ;) and the macarana

41 What s your favourite Country and why?:-
My favourite Country Is Spain I love the idea of the culture mixing in the ta-pass bars sharing stories and life have barbecue and just enjoying life and each others good company with no diversity of country or couture.