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Best Regards To all Troops and Thier families.

Welcome To

Since The Year 2000 We have come of age with the new alliances. For we are powering into the future with the users and members in mind. We still update very often! even it is because we are A strong beta community and support the new stuff before our adversaries. This makes for a far better market place for our members and Supporters.

Some New Features This Year

1. All New Live DJ sessions

2. Live in chat cams for DJ sessions

3. New Audio From radio Staff on cams by request

4. New Audio From radio Staff on DJ sessions room by request

5. New Audio Control Boxes

6. New Press To Talk Buttons For Staff

7. New chat Room Set Up Exclusive api, php, html & scripting development For Us By Dj Crosznet.

DJ Crosznet Has been busy of late but hopes to make a return back to the regular scheduled DJ Sessions Rooms ASAP. On behave of DjCrosznet and the rest of the team we do appolagise for this but we demed it nesasery for the development of this site and community. Thank you for your overwelming support over the years and lets get back to the music ;).

Some New Music  Features

Yes theres a big new Radio Player at the top menu of the screen well spotted and its our new one to replace that horrable jav script test grey buttons one that no one not even me liked. Dont get me wrong it was ok in its day and worked pritty darn well for a while. But times move on and so do we. This was yet another DJ Crosznet built on the flash engine rather than a pop up player. The flam player is no longer active am sad to say. I hear yet again from beta members that dj crosznet and the team are working on some other dev to bring new features out to the members and sponsors which gives us credit towards New API, PHP, HTML & Scripting development and site work. Which is a good thing for us and DJ Crosznet. THis player runs its self all you need is flash player installed. Only thing is its too easy. Please keep to the same copyright rules as before Do Not record Stream Or Audio And Play Only on one computer.

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